Get to know basic information about types of welders

My husband is a welder so I’d like to share with you some info about welding)). It is very interesting, seriously). Generally when people choose to buy welder they get confused in choosing the right model if they don’t know basic and essential information about welding. As everyone thinks you have to choose the best and suitable model that fits your purpose people seek to buy from welders for sale. You ought to keep in your mind that you should be clear in the purpose for which you are buying welder. The reason is that there are different types of welders and each type of welder differs from the other in functionality and purpose. The need for buying a welder decides what type of welder you choose to buy. When you come to know the different kinds of uses of welding machines you can easily choose the most suitable welding machine for your need. Before purchasing the welder you have to learn the diverse features of different welding machines so that you can decide easily.

Different kinds of welders

Arc welder

This is also called as stick welders and it most commonly used in repairing grill, steel, and iron materials. Arc welder is a basic model welding machine that is used in various areas. It can be used to repair and fix certain things in home and hence it is widely used in domestic purposes. Apart from domestic use, it is also used in the industries and factories. You can see this is small lathe machine factories and industries. It is widely used for automotive service and it has been one of the most important equipment in automotive service.  It is very easy to handle and it joins the thick metals together very quickly. Electrodes and electric arcs are used to join the metals using arc welding. 

MIG welder

MIG welder is an advanced model from arc welding and the advantage of this type of welders is that it produces lower heat as it uses wire. The major difference between arc welding and MIG welding is that the arc welding is used to join the thick metals but in case of joining thin metals you have to use MIG welding. This is because the rate of distortion is high in arc welding if you use if to join thin metals whereas it is lower in MIG welder and hence it is used in the automotive industry for joining the thin metal especially to design the body of the vehicle.

As far as thin metal is considered MIG welder is best and it is much useful to get the work done precisely. Precision is very important in welding because mild changes in the measurement and size will change the fitting and the entire work will be a mistake. If you want to get the work done precisely without hassles, choose MIG welder.

TIG or Tungsten

This is different from the previous two types of welders because it uses tungsten electrodes and heat to get the wok done. The major difference between previous welders and this type of welders is that the previous models use fillers whereas this model does not use fillers to join two metals together. It juts uses heat to join two pieces of metal but gas is needed for shielding.